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#1 New Year Goal


MUST READ FOR 2018: Can you believe it’s that time of year again? According to, History Channel’s online platform, civilizations from around the world have been celebrating the New Year for at least four millennia. There’s something about crossing the threshold between years that get everyone excited about new beginnings. Many people go to the extent of tag lining each year with phrases like: 2018. The year of breakthrough! What about? 2018. The year of the increase! Let’s not forget traditions of bringing in the New Year with an inspiring message to reset expectations, or partying till midnight on December 31st and declaring expectations with a celebratory toast. Both are great ways for shedding the stress from the previous year, and setting the tone for the upcoming year, but the reality is they have nothing to do with how well the year will turn out!

What about goals?

Nearly everyone leverages the New Year as the optimal time for setting goals such as weight loss, fitness, career, financial, relationship, personal growth, business/career success, etc. We do all the right things to condition our expectations for a good year, but fail to set conditions for sustaining convictions and motivations when the year comes short of expectations. When life happens, self-productivity to achieve goals stops, which leads to a halt in self-actualization. As a result, the risk of goals becoming a reset for the next year is increased.

The purpose of this blog is not to argue the timing of setting goals, but to prepare you for a reality that many never consider. The condition for a good year is not based on how many expectations are met in the year, but on how well you transform the world into a classroom, so you can come to the front of the room and give an accurate report on purpose.

#1 New Year Goal

After almost thirty years of mastering insight on the soul’s ability to produce Meaningful Excellence™, discovering that the world is a classroom, waiting on an accurate report on purpose was one of the major lessons that forever changed my life. In fact, I concluded that it was the number one goal for playing the game of life, and it subsequently became my number one goal for each year.

Here’s the deal! I don’t care how many goals you set for the new year, how inspiring the New Year’s Eve message might be, or how many champagne toasts you make when the clock turns twelve; each year is full of moments that challenge your expectations for the year. For years, I prayed and declared my year of breakthrough, increase, and turn-around. In fact, the beginning of each year was filled with great expectations, and for several years, things got worse before they got better.

I’m not saying to stop your positive expectations for the New Year. However, you must realize that it’s not so much as what you say about the upcoming year, as it is about what the year is trying to say about your Super Identity™! You don’t have to accept this reality, but the truth is that each moment of your life is designed to bring out your Super Identity™ so you can not only have a good year, but live a good life regardless of what happens in a year.

Perhaps you are saying, I’ve never heard of a Super Identity™, so how can I make it an active participant in making the year good? Believe me, I was in the same boat. It finally dawned on me that life may not happen as I expect, but I cannot fail to live up to the expectations of purpose for each moment. When things don’t go as planned for each year, I now know that every disappointment is an intricate part of a process to condition me to go to the front of the classroom, and give an accurate report on purpose. In other words, I cannot forget that New Year’s day is an event to expect the best, but what happens throughout the year is a process to bring out the best in me.

Yes, I have both long and short-term goals. More importantly, my number one goal for each year is to condition my Super Identity™ to come to the front of the room and give an accurate report on purpose. This is that part of me that’s born out of a process that inspires me to serve a higher purpose. Many people have great expectations for the New Year, but they fail to prepare themselves for the most important process to make the year good. As a result, they fail to become an active participant in life’s biggest classroom, and when life happens, never give an accurate report on purpose.


Life is not an event!

It’s amazing how one of the biggest events of the year is used to set expectations that rely heavily on how well we process the purpose for each moment. Many people expect things to happen because they said it, or someone they respect said it would happen. Unfortunately, they are guilty of resetting their expectations without an action-plan for re-aiming their purpose.

A failure to create an action-plan for re-aiming your purpose is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. You might fly for a few minutes, but you must face the reality that the landing will not be pretty. Each year is full of moments that require you to change, and the greatest tool for change is your ability to hack purpose for Meaningful Excellence™. Don’t be foolish and dismiss what I’m saying because you think you already know your purpose. I commend you on living a meaningful life, but hacking purpose prepares you to:

  1. Get your Super Identity™ actively involved in making your year good

  2. Service the engine that drives your potential so your goals don’t break down in the middle of the year

  3. Create an action-plan for using what happens in the year to win at new levels

  4. Succeed by design so you can scale your appetite for purpose beyond barriers that hinder your potential

  5. Begin the process of raising your Purpose IQ™ so you can give an accurate report on purpose

  6. Answer the demand to not only use your gifts/talents to make a living, but make a difference

  7. Eliminate Identity Alzheimer’s™ that limit the value you bring to the world

  8. And so much more…

Stop looking for events to validate your expectations, and prepare yourself to process the moments of your life for a higher purpose. Don’t be like millions of people who have great expectations for the New Year, without an action-plan for extracting the good out of a year. Turn your New Year into a new era for mastering skills to transform your world into a classroom, so you can give an accurate report on purpose. Take charge of your year by clicking on the logo below.

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