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Throughout history, men have struggled with their ego! Regardless of how many recorded failures of men who used their ego to feed their appetite for power, EGOMANIA remains the number one threat for men in the twenty-first century. The battle rages from the home-front, community, marketplace, and even ministry. From corporate board rooms to behind prison walls, men are driven by an insatiable passion to stand out for what they do.

Blinded by greatness

Egomania is known as an obsessive preoccupation with one’s greatness. It normally stems from a desire to be appreciated or celebrated, which causes one to identify a strong personal trait, and use it as an instrument to stand out in the crowd.

For most men, egomania starts in youth sports. Without notice, the ability to make the starting line-up becomes a major contributor in feeding the ego monster. In the twenty-first century, it’s translated as swag, which is simply confidence in one’s ability to stand out. To make matters worse, athletic prowess attracts women who cannot resist the sex appeal of athletics. Unfortunately, the ego monster gets bigger as the one under its spell becomes blinded by his own greatness.

Athletics is not the only contributor to an exaggerated ego. There are millions of men who never make it to fame and fortune in athletics and use their career path to fuel their passion to stand out. This is a much different journey than athletics, but the patterns of feeding the ego are the same. The starting lineup is now translated into a position within a company. With position comes more power, money, and if careful attention is not taken – more women!

The same is true for ministry leaders who experience humble beginnings until divine elevation occurs. Over time the ministry grows in numbers and the platform expands with more access to influential people. Before long, women are introduced to the formula for success, and the results are the same regardless of what path one chooses.


Tricks are for kids

If the same pattern repeats itself when it comes to feeding the ego of a man, why are so many men being tricked? The fact remain, men are notorious for having an adult body, with a little boy purpose. As a result, they remain prone to being tricked like little kids.

A kid is blinded by the world they live in which makes them susceptible to being tricked. The same is true with men. In most cases; the world they live in is fueled by what others think, which makes them susceptible to use their ego to write the narrative of their life in the mind of others. As a result, they are prone to being tricked over and over because they leave the narrative of their life in the hands of their ego. As a result, men continue to become casualties of the battle between a BIG EGO vs. BIG PURPOSE.


When boys become men

If men fail to build a BIG PURPOSE, by default, they will increase the risk of becoming a victim of a big ego. The last thing our society need are men with mature bodies, but immature in using purpose as a resource to rewrite the codes for manhood.

The world need men who are skilled in building a bridge of purpose from boyhood to manhood. We can no longer afford to have men who are under the spell of their ego. They must realize that the transition to manhood is more sophisticated than what the world is willing to pay in exchange for gifts and talents. This new breed of men must develop skills beyond their gifts and talents, so they can build a BIG PURPOSE and provide solutions that only a man can provide.

Building a BIG PURPOSE starts with raising your Purpose IQ™, which is supported by four major skills you will never learn in higher education. They will contribute more toward your success than any formal education you will receive, and give you fresh ideas and a new voice to create a narrative beyond what others think.

The transition from boys to men must include mastering skills to:

  1. transform your vision into a purpose

  2. use your bible to ignite the flames of purpose

  3. use your voice to affect change

  4. be more purposeful in exploring opportunities for profits

If you follow this path, you will build a BIG PURPOSE, but if you choose to ignore the truths listed above, you will increase the risk of your big ego winning in the battle over your BIG PURPOSE!

Stop being tricked by your ego and join a New Breed of Men by clicking on the logo below


Listen to the Big Ego vs. Big Purpose audio by dialing 712-770-4019. Enter access code: 860519# and ref# 29.

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