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Your Child's Biggest Payoff

Updated: May 26, 2022

Did you know that the #1 investment in sports is not what you do to help your child play the game, but what you do to help him or her get the most out of the game?

A TD Ameritrade survey was referenced in a 2017 article indicating that:

  • 63% of American families spend $100 - $499 per month

  • 18% spend $500 - $999

  • 11% spend $1000 - $1999

  • 8% spend $2000 or more

The article also confirmed that:

  • 67% of parents hope their investment might lead to a scholarship,

  • 34% have Olympic or pro hopes

Many kids spend their entire childhood playing sports but only a few play sports in college, and the number of kids who go to the pros and compete in the Olympics is even smaller. Even with the odds against them, parents still invest a lot of time and money with hopes that their investment will pay off.

The Biggest Payoff

Receiving a scholarship is a huge payoff and going pro or playing in the Olympics are bonus payoffs.

However, the biggest payoff starts with the one hour your child spends getting the Purpose Fit™ score. The 1 Hour Boost will contribute more to your child's success than any investment you will make, because it identifies your child’s risk levels in:

  • Following your advice

  • Becoming a product of the environment

  • Showing up to be the best between and outside the lines

  • Building a bridge for the future

In case you didn't notice, your child’s future is hidden in the Purpose Fit™ score. This is your biggest payoff because it will benefit your child well beyond sports.

Ask your youth sport consultant about joining the most important community for parents and student athletes.

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