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6-WEEK Growth Hacking Bootcamp™

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A six-week coaching intensive designed to unpack the roadmap for helping new and experienced coaches master skills for reversing the effects of Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD). Watch the video below to discover why you must make the transition from Who you are coaching to What you are coaching.

Becoming a Certified Purpose Development™ Coach includes:

  • Six-weeks of live coaching with the world's leading expert in reversing the effects of PDD. (Live bootcamp fee is waived for a limited time)

  • Coaching intensive is broken down into 2 hours per week (All participants do have the option to opt out of the group cohort for self-paced study)

  • 72 hours of online self-paced training broken down into three phases of learning

    • Phase One - Critical Coaching Solutions Phase (Understanding the systems responsible for helping clients reach their highest growth potential)

    • Phase Two - Existence and Performance Phases (Understanding the link between Key Performance Indicators-KPIs and Key Existence Indicators-KEIs)

    • Phase Three - How to Coach a Client Phase (Understand how to put Intuitive Growth™ skills into practice)

  • How to help clients master practical solutions for hitting the self-improvement sweet spot to get more out of your coaching

  • How to use our PDI Smart™ Model to help clients develop simple strategies for reversing the effects of PDD in their life and career

  • How to use the 17 point Troubleshooting Guide to provide quick solutions for helping clients turn setbacks into comebacks

  • How to administer Purpose IQ Assessments™ to help clients score their growth potential

  • How to build a coaching practice that cut through the noise for effective coaching

  • Showcase your credentials as a Certified Purpose Development Coach to give clients confidence in your research backed coaching solutions

The Growth Hacking Bootcamp™ will put you on the fast-track for helping clients hit the self-improvement sweet spot. The goal is to get you certification ready within 30-60 days.

Click Here to schedule a Discovery Call to join the next cohort.

Bonus Coaching Video

As the world's leading expert in reversing the effects of PDD, Master Coach Donald Jenkins provides an insightful look into the future of coaching. In this video, he unpacks the importance of closing the personal growth gap. For the first time, you will see how life coaches are working with an inefficient model to help clients unlock the self-improvement sweet spot.

Download Press-Kit

Increase your knowledge about integrating the PDI Smart Model into your coaching practice by downloading the press-kit below.

Download PDF • 5.69MB

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