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Correcting Errors in Purpose

Updated: May 29, 2020

Recently, a pastor I’ve known for years kept appearing in my dreams. The last dream caught my attention and prompted me to reach out. In the dream, he was attempting to help a young man shoot a bow and arrow. Every time the young man released the arrow, he would miss the target. On the morning of the dream, I immediately text the Pastor about the dream, and he said we needed to talk the same day. I knew the dream had significance about helping believers correct errors in purpose through Purpose Management™, but I didn’t know how accurate the dream was for the vision of his church.

After we spent time getting caught up on personal happenings, he began to tell me how God was preparing him for a major transition. In that moment, I knew that the next move in his church was going to require a greater accuracy in purpose. As a credit to his leadership, they were making all the right discipleship moves, but the next ministry move required optimizing his entire church to be more accurate in purpose.

He could no longer settle for ministry as usual where believers are inspired and saved, but lack skills in correcting errors in purpose. The time had come to inspire a New Breed of Believers™ where individuals are skilled in exploring new frontiers of grace and purpose, to minimize the risk/tendency of using God’s grace as a spiritual band aid for a departure from purpose.  

Purpose Management™

When purpose is not properly managed in the life of a believer, the risk for opening the door for sin remains high. God never designed us for sin, and stepping outside of our design potential requires repentance to align our life with God’s original design. When Yeshua (Jesus) died on the cross, He was correcting a major error in purpose. However, the Church continues to bring people to the cross without helping them optimize their life for a greater purpose. As a result, the risk remains high for believers to step outside of their design potential, and open the door to sin.

The Greek word for sin is hamartia. It means to miss the mark, or to err. Unfortunately, the church has become an institution that spends a lot of time judging the sins of the world, but very little time helping people master skills to correct errors in purpose.

Ministry leaders have mastered messages that inspire the soul to new heights. People are experiencing the saving grace of Yeshua (Jesus), but the human soul was designed with capabilities beyond inspiration and salvation. Romans 8:28 declares,

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Inspiration and salvation are two important pillars of the soul. The third pillar is optimizing the soul to harvest the energy of purpose, which requires wisdom and insight to answer God’s call according to purpose. When believers answer God’s call according to purpose, they master skills to close the door to sin, and transform their faith into an action plan to impact the world with the Gospel of God’s Kingdom.

The world is in a meaning crisis and desperately need believers who are skilled in answering God’s call according to His purpose. Ministry leaders must make a choice to continue to keep their church in the dark regarding Purpose Management ™ , or inspire a New Breed of Believers™ who have skills to correct errors in purpose. The church should be the epicenter for purpose because Yeshua (Jesus) died on purpose, so God’s people could master wisdom to live on purpose.

Click on the logo below to see how we are helping churches inspire a New Breed of Believers™ who are skilled in correcting errors in purpose.

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