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Updated: May 26, 2022

For over fifty years, organizations have expected employees to give their all in building a better workplace culture without helping them exercise their superpowers. Unconscious bias training has been the heart of diversity and inclusion work, but the risk remains high for employees to step outside the classroom without using their superpowers. Instead of building a better culture, the battle continues for optimizing the culture for diversity and inclusion.

Super Heroes

In the movies, the key to making superheroes is not by identifying their weaknesses but helping them understand how to exercise more control over their superpowers. Employees are the super heroes that make up heart and soul of an organization. If superpowers remain hidden deep within their soul, the soul of the organization will be plagued with toxic attitudes and behaviors that tear the fabric of the culture.

The key to winning the battle against unconscious bias is winning the battle for helping employees unlock their hidden growth potential.


D&I Kryptonite

Career development requires growth on two fronts:

  1. The ability to do meaningful work

  2. The ability to make meaningful contact with co-workers

Meaningful work is the key to increasing employee engagement and meaningful contact with co-workers is the key to a high-performing team. When purpose is not used as a catalyst for growth, the engagement for work will be low and interactions with co-workers will have Diversity Purpose™ weak spots.

Increasing awareness for unconscious bias and town hall meetings are great for intercultural competence. However, when purpose is not used to optimize interactions with co-workers, the overall mission for diversity and inclusion will suffer.

In short, a low Diversity Purpose IQ™ is the kryptonite for diversity and inclusion work. When the collective Diversity Purpose IQ™ of employees is low, superpowers to transform D&I policies into a purpose for moving the heart to action will be disabled.


Purpose Must Take Over

An important note to remember is that where policies and training leave off when it comes to diversity and inclusion work, purpose must take over to help employees:

  • Pour their hearts into becoming a better version of themselves

  • Minimize the influence of unconscious bias

  • Make high level decisions for adding value to others

  • Heal wounds from the past

  • Galvanize attitudes and behaviors

  • Minimize errors in purpose

  • Pour their heart into building a better culture

Organizations can implement the most sophisticated unconscious bias training in the world. Unfortunately, it will never change the fact that Diversity and Inclusion work requires a high Diversity Purpose IQ™ to help employees use their superpowers to minimize the influence of unconscious bias. Click Here to schedule a Discovery Call to see how we can help your employees discover their superpowers.

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