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Freeing the Egyptian Slaves in America


For years, America has been a beacon of hope for people around the world. It has been viewed as the land of opportunity where dreams are made a reality. Stories abound where people from all over the world have crossed our borders with nothing, and transformed their personal net-worth into a legacy for their family. America is one of the only nations where Jews have been able to find a safe haven without persecution. What’s amazing about our great country is that even though Jews and all ethnic groups have prospered tremendously in America, we have managed to become the number one nation in producing Egyptian Slaves!

It’s never been about Black or White

Unfortunately, America has an ugly past that is laced in slavery. It seems like yesterday when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a charge to annihilate the racial injustices in our country. Unfortunately, we are reliving the sixties in the twenty-first century; with the exception that America’s melting pot has been mixed with a few more flavors. Our country is no longer a mixture of black and white, because freedom has opened its doors for anyone to come and sit at the table.

Unfortunately, One Nation Under God is no longer the mantra for the United States. We’ve compromised our purpose to serve God for the sake of serving fleshly appetites that have led our nation down a road of self-destruction. As a result, we have become One Nation Still Under Slavery.

It’s amazing that the very thing that marred our nation’s past, we continue to perpetuate. Slavery is more sophisticated in the twenty-first century, but the results are the same, oppress the purpose of humanity.

White Supremacy gave birth to Black Power, but both movements ignored the real problem that plagues the human soul. It’s called the appetite for power!

The struggle for power dates back to the early days of humanity when the Bible recorded the first murder between Cain and Abel. It had nothing to do with the color of their skin, but the gifts they offered to God. The same is true for the racial divide in our country, and around the world. Each race has gifts that God has hidden like invisible gold, but the appetite for power continues to suppress and misuse gifts for selfish gains.

Bernie Madoff misused the fortunes that were gained by the gifts of others to create one of the biggest frauds in U.S. history. He wasn’t concerned about the color of the skin as long as the green kept coming in. There are more African American young men that are killed by the hands of African American males than the police, but somehow the focus has been on race and police brutality. The real culprit that continues to divide our country is rooted in power, but we are too blind to see the writing on the wall.

Two forms of Salvation

In many of my blogs, I mention that we have more access to inspirations for faith and personal development than any nation on the planet, but the human soul continues to slip into a purposeless abyss. Preachers offer eternal life through Yeshua (Jesus), and thought-leaders offer a better life through self-development. Both efforts are to be commended, but leaders must challenge themselves to rethink their strategies in order to affect change.

This doesn’t mean that salvation through Yeshua (Jesus) is not enough, or the wonderful programs on living your dreams and achieving goals are not making a difference.

It means that we cannot isolate salvation from helping individuals create new patterns of purpose to affect change, and we cannot help them live their dreams, without giving them strategies to guard the human soul from the appetite for power. If we continue in this vein, the only thing left to boast about is how God showed out in church, and how much money we made off our programs for success.

With all due respect, we must realize that God’s purpose for humanity is bigger than a praise dance in the pews, and a standing ovation from the platform. Churches are full of believers who are going to heaven, but still bound by the influence of Egypt. People are spending thousands of dollars on conferences and programs, only to go home chained to a culture whose influence is as stealth as an F-117 fighter jet.


Egypt’s Reality

Egypt’s reality is not confined to a geographical location, nor is it related to the Egyptian people of our time. Egypt has always carried a reputation of being a place that isolates people from the purpose of the Creator. It’s pronounced mits-rayim in Hebrew and it means distress, which confirms the times we are living in. Every news outlet around the world is confirming that the climate on planet earth is one of distress, which has left the human soul destitute for purpose-oriented solutions.

Preaching messages of faith is essential, and our world would not be what it is today without achieving goals. However, we must be wise in helping individuals free themselves from being Egyptian Slaves. Leaders must be strategic in optimizing their messages and content for a greater purpose.

An Egyptian Slave is someone who has great potential, but very little insight on how to remain consistent with what they were created to be in an environment without God.

Egypt is a place where people struggle to maintain their core convictions and motivations, because the culture in which they live, work, and play is lean in feeding their appetite for purpose. When a culture is lean on feeding the appetite for purpose, it becomes difficult to identify believers from unbelievers, and the pursuit of dreams becomes a quest to feed the appetite for power.

Egypt’s Victory

Freeing the Egyptian Slaves in America is a process that requires insight to how Egypt claims victory over the human soul. We all have different gifts and talents, but the engine that drives our gifts and talents is linked to our ability to manage purpose, discover and release potential, and increase our performance. Conversely, all three areas are directly connected to how Egypt claims victory over the human soul.

Egypt’s victory is defined in its ability to:

  1. Hinder purpose

  2. Conceal potential

  3. Minimize performance

Purpose, Potential, and Performance are critical components of the engine that drives our gifts and talents. However, Egypt is a culture that’s designed to wear the human spirit down in all three areas, by keeping the engine running lean on purpose.

By doing so, individuals become slaves to things that:

  1. Hinder their purpose

  2. Conceal their potential

  3. Minimize their performance

Instead of the soul being the bridge between human potential and divine intelligence, individuals become enslaved to man made philosophies that soften the impact of the Creator within the affairs of men.

We’ve been blinded to the reality that slavery in America has evolved into a sophisticated system of taskmasters, which is pronounced mas mis in Hebrew. It means a gang or body of forced laborers, task-workers or serfdom. In the Middle Ages, a serf was a person who belonged to a low social class, and who lived and worked on land owned by another.

Like Egypt, America was built on the backs of slaves and in the twenty-first century, slavery is no longer a matter of class, but a matter of purpose. It runs deeper than our ability to own property and work in our own business. America has afforded this opportunity to millions of people, but many are still trapped in a culture that limits the purpose of the human soul.

Simply put, slavery in America is the result of an institutionalized purpose of the human soul.

In recent years, we’ve been able to identify the Seven Cultural Mountains, which is an outreach to reclaim the marketplace for Christ. It’s great that we’ve been able to identify and mobilize individuals to reclaim these mountains. However, we cannot forget that reclamation is only as effective as our effort in transforming these mountains into institutions that feed the appetite for purpose. Otherwise, the Seven Mountains will simply be seven institutions that are lean in purpose.


An institutionalized purpose is one in which the human soul is confined to being developed at the rate of the institution. If the institution is lean on purpose, the people within them are going to be lean on feeding their appetite for purpose.

As a result, the appetite for power will be the ruling force, which is clearly displayed in the Seven Cultural Mountains. Each mountain has become institutions of power that’s keeping the soul of humanity trapped like an Egyptian Slave. They are taskmasters that use their power to undermine the advancements of purpose within the human soul.

  1. Business is showing great potential by discovering the purpose of brands, but still behind in optimizing the human spirit for purpose

  2. The family unit has undergone a severe breakdown in purpose as individual power is the pursuit of all members

  3. The government has used its powers to legislate purpose out of the fabric of our culture

  4. Schools have used their power to remove all traces of purpose from a divine Creator

  5. The church has used its power to create disciples at the expense of keeping followers lean on feeding their appetite for purpose

  6. Entertainment has used its power to introduce alien agendas to seduce the human soul to compromise purpose

  7. The media has used its power to create propaganda to control the minds of people

Institutionalized purpose will welcome your gifts with open arms. In fact, one could make good money with his or her gifts and talents, but they will never master the skills on how to build a bridge for the future. Building a bridge for your future is the only way to help you feed your appetite for purpose. It will help you create new patterns of purpose so you can affect change in new ways.

If you examine the Purpose Development™ Bridge below, you will discover that gifts and talents only constitutes 17% of your purpose.


An institutionalized purpose will enslave you to your gifts and talents, because its philosophies are insufficient in helping you to develop the remaining sub-components of purpose. You might experience a fair amount of success, but you will never be able to fully discharge your purpose to be what God created you to be.

Purpose Development™ is not a good idea, but a solution to a major problem. Leaders must be trained in building the Purpose Development™ Bridge, so they can provide purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies in order to free the Egyptian Slaves in America.

If we fail to help others build a bridge to their future to escape institutionalized purpose, our country will self-destruct under the weight of its own power.

Click Here to discover how to become a Certified Purpose Development™ Coach to help others free themselves from being an Egyptian Slave. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog post by clicking here.

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