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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony Klotz was virtually unknown. However, his prediction of the Great Resignation has made him a recognizable name in the business world. A Texas A&M associate professor of management, Mr. Klotz stated, “I knew from talking to my students, workers and business leaders that the pandemic had changed how many people felt about work.”

He went on to say, “Workers saw that quitting their jobs gave them a chance to take control of their personal and professional lives.” Time and growth potential are the hidden factors behind taking control of personal and professional lives. Numerous articles have been written about employees who are demanding more personal time, and how they are reactivating their growth potential to embrace new career opportunities.

In this new era of work, leaders must realize that the Great Resignation is speaking loudly. People are tired of leaders who create bitter relationships and work experiences. They are demanding leaders who can grow beyond their personalities so they can make smarter decisions for helping them embrace work as a wise use of time and growth potential.

Future of leadership

The future of work is demanding a new breed of leaders who are skilled in reversing the effects of Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD). PDD is not a medical condition. It is a disease of the soul that can be seen when work appears to be a waste of time and growth potential.

Post-COVID leaders must be savvy in helping employees rethink work by:

  • Building self-culture

  • Managing the Existence Strain™

  • Engaging in the process of growth

All three are critical in helping employees reverse the effects of PDD to make wise use of their time and growth potential. They are the keys to helping them to meet their demand for control in the post-COVID workplace.

Leadership styles were sufficient in the pre-COVID workplace. However, the post-COVID workplace is demanding leaders who are PDI Smart™ in building their Leadership Story™ by using the above bullets to reverse the effects of PDD.

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