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Lady of Purpose® Leadership Academy

Updated: May 9, 2021

The Energy of Purpose™ is the most important resource for leading in the new decade. Unfortunately, both men and women have mismanaged the Energy of Purpose™, but women suffer the most damage when the Energy of Purpose™ is not an intricate part of leadership development.

Disproportionately, women undergo bitter experiences in relationships and work. To make matters worse, they work hard for respect only to discover that the respect for women comes short of males in the same roles.

Since the industrial revolution, the influence of men has dominated the workforce. Even today, women are still trying to catch up in a race they started several years after men left the starting line. As a result, women have to dig deeper to find superpowers to help them gain the respect they deserve and transform their bitter experiences into sweet experiences.

Women 5.0

Over the years, work has evolved from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution. Women have been present from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0. However, they remain Women 1.0 in a world that is demanding women to not only have superpowers for leadership, but to have superpowers that allow them to lead from a position of strength.

The position of strength was showcased in the movie Hidden Figures where black women made their presence known in space exploration. Unfortunately, it took 58 years for NASA to name its headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, their first black female engineer, along with Creola Katherine Johnson were instrumental in putting the first American in orbit. A monumental accomplishment, yes, yet both ladies did not live long enough to witness NASA's acknowledgment of their involvement of this historic move by America’s space agency.

NASA's story is one of many stories of women who played major roles in the history of science and commerce. Even without equal pay, women have always stepped up to not only make their presence known but make their work count.

As the workplace continues to evolve through smart technology, women must evolve to make their leadership count. For years, the purpose of women was taken for granted. However, in the new decade and beyond, women must show the world how to respect their purpose.

Women 5.0 is more than a movement for equality. It is a reset in purpose to help women uncover superpowers for telling a Leadership Story that delivers the respect that they deserve.


Setting Up Your Leadership Story

Like men, women have come to know personality profiles and leadership styles, which has been the standard for leadership development over the years. Unfortunately, both are coming short to increase leadership effectiveness for the new decade.

Women not only have powerful stories to tell, but they have stories that capture the Energy of Purpose™. However, they must master new skills to setup their Leadership Story so the Energy of Purpose™ can help them to lead from a position of strength.

The Energy of Purpose™ broken down in layman's terms, is the ability to transform bitter experiences into sweet experiences. Not only is it the most important resource for leadership, but it is the most important resource for building teams and creating cultures.

When leaders' fail to setup their Leadership Story, the risk will be high for mismanaging the Energy of Purpose™. Your Leadership Story is the story you tell by using the Energy of Purpose™ to optimize soft skills for leadership effectiveness. It is the key for helping you make a quantum leap from Women 1.0 leadership to Women 5.0 leadership. This is where women will uncover superpowers for re-setting their ability to manage the Energy of Purpose™.

Enrolling in the Lady of Purpose® Leadership Academy is the go to resource for joining the ranks of women who are becoming Women 5.0 leaders. Unlike traditional leadership development, the Lady of Purpose® Leadership Academy helps women unlock superpowers that will enable them to lead from a position of strength by:

  • Mastering new skills to setup their Leadership Story

  • Cracking the codes of purpose for productive relationships and work

  • Increasing leadership acumen to manage the Energy of Purpose™

  • Breaking free from the restrictions of leadership styles

  • Leading beyond personalities

  • Writing new chapters for increasing leadership effectiveness

  • Creating a leadership narrative that demands respect

  • And much more...

Now you can create the conditions for massive success and respect by earning your Excellence in Leadership Effectiveness certificate. Click Here to enroll in the next virtual academy. Look for the calendar dates with dots to remit payment and reserve your spot.


Course Details:

The mission of the Lady of Purpose® Leadership Academy is to give women tools for joining a new breed of women leaders who are skilled in setting up their Leadership Story.

Training Dates: June 5th, June 24th, More dates coming soon!

Completing our proprietary Hacking Purpose™ Leadership training will give you an opportunity to receive:

  • Four hours of hands on training using the Hacking Purpose™ Leadership workbook to setup your Leadership Story

  • Professional Development Credits for SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers) certifications

  • Discounts on our proprietary Tier Four Coaching to help solve complex leadership problems

  • Additional coaching through our exclusive monthly Lady of Purpose® Leadership Zooms

Why lead with skills that confine you to Women 1.0 leadership when the world is demanding Women 5.0 leaders? Click Here to enroll and take advantage of the special introductory cost of $697.00 (Regular price $1997.00)


Free Training Webinar:

Click Here to enroll in an upcoming one hour trial webinar. See first hand how you can benefit from joining the Lady of Purpose® leadership family.


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