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Low Purpose IQ™ City

City councils make up the DNA of the communities they serve. In fact, the collective Purpose IQ™ of council members will reflect the Purpose IQ™ of the city. Unfortunately, when the collective Purpose IQ™of council members are low, the division in the community will find its way into city council meetings.

Most city leaders do not realize that when the collective Purpose IQ™ of council members are low, the appetite for power will divide the council over critical issues for the community. In many cases, the allocation of resources for low income communities will be overlooked because of the misappropriation of purpose among city council members.

When purpose is misappropriated among city leaders, it jeopardizes the infrastructure that supports the purpose of the people in the community. For years, city governments got by with a low Purpose IQ™, but the civil unrest from protesters is forcing leaders to reckon with the lack of purpose in adding value to race relations.


Unconscious bias training creates awareness for disparities in marginalized communities, but awareness without purpose will not eradicate the mind and heart that built systems to oppress the marginalized. True progress is not measured in:

  • Tearing down statues

  • Justice reform

  • Reallocation of funds

  • Renaming military bases

  • etc...

Although great starts, progress must be measured in tearing down walls within the soul that prevent those in power from expanding their Capacity for Purpose™.

When the powers brokers of a city expand their Capacity for Purpose™, distribution of economic empowerment and value for all people will be realized. We can never forget that the human soul is sick and regardless what we do to abolish injustices, justice will never be fully realized until purpose is set free in the soul to eliminate agendas that dehumanize others based on skin color.

The Diversity Purpose™ Certified Seal was created to address this unseen enemy that destroys cities, communities, and families. City leaders must realize that people are tired of witnessing the dehumanization of marginalized communities. They must master new skills to align the city government to the social conscious of the community.

Without high Purpose IQ™ city councils, the risk will be high for the government to be polarized to favor the majority. On the contrary, when council members have a Diversity Purpose™, efforts will be galvanized to benefit the entire city.

If you don't want your city to be the product of a low Purpose IQ™, click here for a Discovery Call to align your city government with the social conscious of the community.


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