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Certified PDD Coaching

Earn the only certificate in the world for reversing the effects of Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD) for only $500.00 until 11/18/22

Global business leader and Harvard School of Negotiations Co-Founder Nikos Mourkogiannis called PDD the greatest risk epidemic in our society. It is important that ministry leaders realize that the new standard for ministry success is measured in helping believers build immunity against PDD.

Train to become a Certified PDD Coach with the world's leading expert in reversing the effects of PDD:

  • Discover how to use research based insights to improve the effectiveness of your messages

  • Discover what it means to hit the discipleship sweet spot

  • Discover the real enemy that is responsible for people staying away from church

  • Discover why the Apostle Paul was trying to warn the church about PDD

  • Discover how to use Purpose Development™ to build immunity against PDD

  • Discover the importance of helping believers to raise their Intuitive Growth™ Scores

  • And more...

PDI Smart™ Training Platform:

All trainings are conducted on the PDI Smart™ Platform, which is the #1 online resource for Purpose Development Coaching™.

  • Participate in a self-paced online visual experience

  • Download 89 page training manual

  • Test your comprehension with online quizzes

  • Receive your PDD Coach Certificate

  • Click Here to save over 80% for certification

  • Enter discount code "earlybird"

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