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Purpose Fit™ Masterclass

Updated: 2 days ago

Check your vitals

Blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiration are the four main vitals that are checked by the medical profession. They are critical for physical fitness but there are also four vitals that are critical for your performance to achieve goals.

Unfortunately, many gurus push success formulas without factoring in the importance of the vitals behind the strength that comes from purpose.

Many well intentioned people start out with a strong WHY only to find out that their WHY is insufficient in strengthening vitals for going to the next level.

don't you think it's time to get in shape for the next level?

Join a new breed of achievers who are getting a handle on the vitals behind the strength that comes from purpose so they can rewrite the codes for achieving at high levels.

Get exclusive access to breakthrough discoveries in human development and growth that will help you get a handle on your Purpose Fit™ vitals by:

  • Discovering hidden asset for making smarter decisions

  • Closing the personal growth gap

  • Benchmarking Intuitive Growth™

  • Discarding the old goal setting system

  • Creating new habits for going to the next level

  • Expanding your Capacity for Purpose™

  • Implementing a risk aversion plan

  • and more...

Who need to attend?

Sign up today If you are tired of:

  • Being on the same level year-after-year

  • Struggling to get a handle on purpose

  • Chasing empty success secrets in life, fitness, relationships, and career

The $99.00 live masterclass special in over.

Please visit to secure your spot for the online self-paced version

What you'll receive

  • 4 hours of coaching by the world's leading expert in Decision Performance™

  • Get a real score that exposes next level risks

  • Digital workbook with activities to help you develop new practice habits

  • Tracking system to monitor your progress for improving Purpose Fit™ vitals

  • Additional coaching through Facebook group

  • Discounts on additional coaching's


Masterclass is broken down into two 2 hour sessions with the next masterclass starting on Saturday September 30, 2023 @ 9:00 a.m. EST. This is the final masterclass at this price before it's released to the public.

Registration Link:

You can register for the online version at

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