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Purpose Development™ to the Rescue

Updated: May 24, 2022

Author, businessman, and keynote speaker Steven Covey stated, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Unfortunately, when people have a weak command for Purpose Development™, the human experience will become a human experiment to find the meaning of life.

One of the biggest reasons people experiment with the human experience is because they are struggling to crack the Master Purpose Code™. Their desperation to find the meaning of life turns the human experiment into a battle to outperform their emotions from life-events, which leads to building up the frustration from the human experience.

If we could sum up the current state of the world, we could say that the inability to crack the Master Purpose Code™ has created desperate times. It is increasing the demands for speakers, preachers, and coaches to lean into a different level of genius to rescue the world from an experiment that has gone wrong.

Sounding the alarm for speakers, preachers, and coaches

Speakers rely on inspirational talks to help people fine-tune the meaning of life. Preachers rely on the salvation of the soul and coaches rely on their presence to help people work through the obstacles in the human experience.

All three are needed, but we cannot forget that America is known for some of the greatest speakers, preachers, and coaches in the world. They provide emotionally charged content, but they are drowning in content that does not crack the Master Purpose Code™. People are being inspired, saved, and having breakthroughs in overcoming obstacles, but America remains one of the most dysfunctional countries on the planet.

It’s not because we are lacking emotionally charged content. We lack content that cracks the Master Purpose Code™ to help people outperform their emotions. It is important that people face the reality that the human experience will examine their ability to:

  • Build self-culture

  • Manage the Existence Strain™

  • Engage in the process of growth

When all three are missing components in the human experience, frustration from the experiment will continue to mount.

Purpose Development™ to the rescue

Speakers, preachers, and coaches are at a crossroad. They must choose between inspirational talks and coaching that fail to crack the Master Purpose Code™ or lean into a new level of genius to rescue people from the frustrations of the human experience.

Purpose Development™ provides the genius for helping people crack the Master Purpose Code™. It is the ability to rebuild the structural integrity of purpose to help people reach their highest growth potential.

When the path is clear for reaching the highest growth potential, people will transform the human experiment back into an experience for cracking the Master Purpose Code™.

Rebuilding the structural integrity of purpose is more sophisticated than finding life’s purpose. This process includes four checkpoints that are critical in helping people add meaning to the human experience. Unfortunately, when people do not know their position on the four checkpoints, that’s when the human experience becomes a human experiment to find meaning in life.

Our 30 plus years and well over 20,000 hours of research helped us to discover the PDI Smart™ Research Model. It is the only model in the world for rebuilding the structural integrity of purpose.

Our findings reveals that if speakers, preachers, and coaches continue to ignore this model, they will contribute to a world where people are trapped in an experiment that has gone wrong.

To rescue people from the human experiment, speakers, preachers, and coaches must rescue themselves from drowning in content that fail to crack the Master Purpose Code™.

The time has come for speakers, preachers, and coaches to integrate the PDI Smart™ Model into their practices so people can be more responsible for their growth potential beyond inspirational talks and personal coaching

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