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Excellence in Race Relations Certificate

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Excellence in Race Relations is an innovative solution for keeping the culture of your organization from sliding off the foundation that supports healthy relationships. It takes into consideration that a healthy culture is the product of healthy relationships, and the Energy of Purpose™ is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Earning Your Excellence in Race Relations Certificate

Stop the insanity of mitigating unconscious biases without the foundation that supports healthy relationships. Explore new frontiers in diversity, equity, and inclusion by learning skills to help you:

  • Become an expert in bringing people together

  • Treat the disease that undermines healthy relationships

  • Raise your Diversity Purpose IQ™ for building healthier relationships

  • Create better standards for recruiting and retaining top talent

  • Master new skills for deconstructing unconscious biases

  • Rewrite the codes for minimizing discrimination in hiring practices

  • Transform diversity policy into a Diversity Purpose™

  • And more…

Course Details

The Seal of Excellence in Race Relations validates your commitment and expertise to create better work experiences for your employer. Your training meets SHRM's standard for behavioral competence to deliver 10X's the efficacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Watch Video Below:

Earning the Excellence in Race Relations Certificate is for all employees. However, if you are a SHRM professional, you will earn six Professional Development Credits for completing the required six hours of training,

Training Length: 6 hours delivered over two days with 3 hours per day

Training Facilitation: Zoom

Training Materials: Diversity Purpose™ student guide (Digital & Hard copy)

Investment: $1997.00 which includes exclusive Excellence in Race Relations Membership

  • One 40 Day group progress follow-up

  • Diversity Purpose™ IQ assessment with analysis

  • Access to monthly Excellence in Race Relations Zoom meetings

  • Six month email consulting/coaching to help resolve specific challenges

  • Lifetime member for Excellence in Race Relations LinkedIn group

  • 20% Discount on additional trainings, coaching, certifications, and consultations

Click Here to check calendar for February classes. Click dots on calendar to register and return to this blog post to remit payment below. Please Note: You will not be allowed to attend the class without payment

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