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The PurposeFit™ Soul


If you consider yourself to be saved according to faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this blog is a critical read for you. If you have no faith in the works of Jesus Christ, this blog is critically important for you as well. The fact remains, in spite your beliefs in the second coming, or life after death, planet earth is your home. If you fail to deliver value for being on the planet – you will defeat the purpose for being here!

Making the world a better place

For the record, this blog is not about prophetic events that lead to the second coming, and neither is it a religious writ for warning people about the pending danger of hell. I believe both have their place, but we must spark new conversations for implementing strategies to make the world a better place for future generations. One would think the church has the power to start these conversations, but it appears that believers are enamored with singing songs about heaven than making a melody that causes the idea of heaven to be music to the ears of unbelievers.

Mr. Martin Lindstrom was voted by TIME Magazine as one of the one-hundred most influential people in the world in 2009. He highlighted a major challenge for the church in his book titled Brand Sense by saying,

We live in a landscape where consumers need something to believe in. Ironic though it may sound, as religion struggle to find new constituents, consumers in contrast are desperately seeking something else.

The quest to believe in something is not only a church dilemma. I don’t care how powerful consumer brands are, they will never be social or moral landscapers that transform our society into a haven where everyone can experience peaceful co-existence. Yes people are looking for something to believe in, but we must realize that faith in a savior or a brand alone does very little for adding value to make the world better for future generations.

Is technology the missing link?

Technological advances are always met with resistance when it first appears. As soon as its value is realized, people shift their faith in the technology until it becomes a necessary staple for functioning in the world. It wasn’t long ago when we couldn’t find people sitting in a restaurant or a mall mesmerized by smartphones. Everywhere you go, people have become dependent on smartphone technology for communications, entertainment, and yes social connectivity.

It’s amazing how we have access to people more than ever. We can fulfill our hunger to be entertained at the push of a button, and meet new people from around the world without getting on a plane. However, we are becoming a technology dependent society at the expense of compromising the integrity of being human. People don’t answer their phones, they can access entertainment that destroys core values without accountability, and they are blocking more people on social media than a NBA big man blocking shots in a game.

Sure, we can see the benefits of technology, but it could never be the panacea for adding value to the world. We must exercise extreme caution because the more technology evolves, people will shift their faith in the value of technology, and conversely lose faith in the integrity of being human. It’s becoming harder for unbelievers to believe in God because the product/people that represent God’s Kingdom lack value and integrity to warrant belief. On the other hand, without the guiding principles to restore the integrity of being human, the wisdom to restore value for being on the planet will  never emerge.

The question remains, what can we do to solve this ugly dilemma that’s causing the planet we live on to groan in pain?

Inspiration, Salvation, and the Energy of Purpose

Success motivation gurus and thought-leaders are saying we need inspiration, and the religious community is preaching inspiration combined with salvation. Both are necessary components for touching the human soul, but they come short in moving the human soul to add value to the world. The human soul was not only designed to be inspired and saved, but a critical design element is its ability to harvest the energy of purpose. Without the energy of purpose, inspiration will have very little value beyond the moment. Salvation will create value for getting into heaven, but come short in opening the window of the soul so heaven can influence the earth with more value.

Making the world better is a tall order for both believers and unbelievers. However, it must start with the soul’s ability to harvest the energy of purpose. This is the key to sparking new conversations that lead to strategies for restoring the value and integrity for being a human. It’s the product of a PurposeFit™ Soul, which is the ability to hack purpose to prioritize the energy of purpose over the appetite for power. When the energy of purpose is not a priority within the human soul, by default, individuals will never build the Value of Purpose™, which is the hidden growth potential of the soul. When the human soul is lean in building the Value of Purpose™, the value and integrity of being human will get lost in the quest to feed the appetite for power.

Success motivation gurus and religious leaders must realize that a PurposeFit™ Soul is just as important as an inspired or saved soul. Without it, future generations will continue to struggle with the same issues that created an ugly past because we neglected the soul’s ability to add value to the world.


PurposeFit™ Soul Boot-camp

My PurposeFit Soul™ Bootcamp is the only training intensive in the world designed to help individuals recover the hidden growth potential of the human soul. It fine-tunes the quest for inspiration and salvation to position you to add more value for being on the planet. Click on the button below to learn more and schedule your bootcamp below, or enroll in the mini-course that will forever change the way you approach personal and spiritual growth.

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