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Top Twelve Nevers For Avoiding Diversity Fatigue

Updated: May 26, 2022

As we look back on the year 2020, the year will go down in history as a year of unprecedented change. COVID-19 leads the way with racial equality following close behind. The world went from masking up to provide protection against the unseen enemy of the body, to unmasking to protect the soul against an unseen enemy that attacks diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Low Buy in

Many organizations are unmasking DE&I policies to address diversity, equity, and inclusion deficiencies. Unfortunately, they are ignoring the reality that Purpose Deficit Disorder (PDD) is the unseen enemy of the soul that influence attitudes and behaviors with biases that undermine race relations.

Leaders are so busy treating the symptoms of racial inequality but ignoring the disease that is responsible for personal biases. As a result, the risk is high for diversity fatigue, which reduces the buy in to policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Avoid Insane DE&I Practices

To help organizations avoid entering a new year with insane DE&I practices, I've compiled the Top Twelve Nevers For Avoiding Diversity Fatigue.

After almost thirty years and well over 20,000 hours researching development and growth deficiencies, this list prepares your organization with insight on what it takes to get the highest return on DE&I investment.

  1. Never force employees to come to the table for intercultural competence without increasing their competence for treating the disease that divide cultures

  2. Never expect employees to deconstruct biases without helping them construct parameters for meaningful relationships

  3. Never expect employees to adhere to DE&I policies without helping them feed their Appetite for Purpose™

  4. Never force employees to engage in the people business without helping them understand the importance of the Purpose Business™

  5. Never force employees to confront unconscious biases without helping them develop skills for raising their Diversity Purpose IQ™

  6. Never force employees to build a better culture without helping them to become a Practitioner of Purpose™ to build a better version of themselves

  7. Never expect employees to explore the collective power of human potential without exploring the genius of purpose

  8. Never force employees to outgrow biases without a blueprint for helping them to reach their highest growth potential

  9. Never force employees to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion liabilities without helping them remove liabilities in growth potential

  10. Never expect employees to weaponize empathy for improving race relations without helping them weaponize purpose for improving attitudes and behaviors

  11. Never expect employees to improve workplace relationships without helping them improve Cross-Purpose Relationships™

  12. Never expect employees to build value for others without helping them build value for their existence to add value to others

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change. However, organizations have been granted one of the greatest opportunities the world has seen for affecting change in social justice. Instead of protecting the status quo in unconscious biases training, leaders must develop new skills for raising the Diversity Purpose IQ™ of employees.

Click Here to schedule a free consultation on how building a Diversity Purpose™ can help your organization avoid diversity fatigue.

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