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Transforming ordinary goals into an extraordinary purpose


Can you believe another year is about to escape into the annals of time? It seems like yesterday we were welcoming 2015 and today packing its bags for the grand departure. Perhaps you had an extraordinary year, or maybe it was ordinary and you can’t wait for 12:01 a.m. January 1st, 2016? Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of achievement, the reality is that 2016 is knocking on the door of your dreams and it’s screaming, ready or not here I come. If there’s any consolation about the end of every year, we should be thankful that we have an opportunity to reflect on our goals to see what we’ve accomplished for the year. However, the last thing we desire to do is remain stuck in a cycle of extraordinary expectations with ordinary achievements.

Better than the previous year

In case you are wondering where thanksgiving play in our quest for achievement, it’s imperative that we thank God for health and strength to chase our dreams. However, we cannot become complacent in trying to make each year better than the previous. It’s a divine right to explore our potential, and we must use it to leave our mark in the world. Otherwise, we are not making wise use of our time here on the earth!

As we look forward to finishing 2015 with the grace of God, and crossing the threshold for the New Year, we have to make sure we set guards against the hype of new beginnings. Many churches will prepare for watch night services; while the entertainment industry kicks into high gear to help others spend their night watching for a good time.

Regardless of where we are when the clock strikes 12 a.m. on December 31st, we cannot forget that purpose is standing as a guardian over our dreams and visions.

The New Year is too important to be without a strategy in determining what role purpose will play in our future.

It doesn’t matter how clever we are in coining phrases that ring in the New Year, our goals are waiting with anticipation that we are going to be more purposeful in achieving our dreams.

Each year you must consider your past, present, and future to examine your track record in using purpose as a resource, to transform ordinary goals into an extraordinary purpose. If you failed to embrace a greater purpose in your past, and you currently have a limited scope of purpose in your present, you could probably predict your future with pinpoint accuracy to determine exactly where you are going to be at the end of the year.

Even though you follow all the steps of your mentors, you continue to fail in creating new patterns of purpose for the New Year, and increase the risk of derailing many of your dreams.


All things are working

One of the most famous verses in the bible reveals that all things are working together for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. As strange as it sound, purpose is acquainted with your future and is prepared to aid you in overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals. It stands in the high places of the New Year, calling to the deep regions of your existence to build an alliance for achievement. However, you must be willing to release your dreams into its care.

Maybe your best attempt to be more purposeful for the New Year is to write down your vision. Perhaps you are gun-ho and build a vision board to capture your deepest appetites for success. All of these exercises are great, but they do very little in cultivating the energy of purpose that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. As a result, many of your goals are delayed, or abandoned due to the lack of Sustainable Purpose™ to achieve your dreams.

If you continue to neglect feeding your appetite for purpose, you will be like millions of people:

  1. Who have a vision for their future without a strategy for an executable purpose

  2. Who are chasing an extraordinary life without an extraordinary purpose

  3. Who might have a vision board that’s deficient in cultivating the energy of purpose for achievement

The true measure of success is not in what you can acquire, but in what you become in your quest to be successful. Regardless of what category you are in, without systems and strategies to help you harvest the energy of purpose, you will fail to know the person you can become. As a result, the world will be robbed of your true potential as you underestimate the power of purpose in your quest for success.

Instead of all things working together for your good, they will work to get your attention to sit at the feet of purpose and discover an extraordinary life full of purpose.


A New Year and a New Breed

The time has come for you to stop crossing over into a New Year without joining the ranks of a New Breed of Achievers. The skills that helped you achieve in 2015, must be combined with insight to harvest the energy of purpose for transforming ordinary goals into an extraordinary purpose.

The New Breed of Achievers realizes that they cannot:

  1. Take for granted that their dreams will automatically leap into reality without insight on how to harvest the energy of purpose

  2. Leave their dreams in the hands of a vision board that does not speak to their appetite for purpose

  3. Become the person they were designed to be without a solid Philosophy of Purpose

  4. Attract into their life what their character is not conditioned to sustain

The New Breed of Achievers understands that purpose is the primary source for achievement. They make full use of a P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Board™ to help them optimize their life for dreams to come true. It’s an external replica of their internal purpose to transform their vision into a purpose to impact the world.

If you are:

  1. Fed up with chasing New Years resolutions without purposeful solutions to overcome obstacles to your dreams

  2. Fed up with inflated hype about what lifestyle you can live, without insight on how to design your best life

  3. Fed up with all the talk about vision, without providing an efficient way to move your vision from your head to your heart

  4. Weary in hearing inspiring messages for the New Year, without a strategy to use purpose to sustain your inspiration throughout the year

Join the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Board™ revolution, and discover how to activate the best plans for your dreams to come true. Don’t be caught in a time-warp with your vision board. Discover how to upgrade your vision and your purpose with the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Board™.

Click on the logo below to learn more!

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