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When Men Become Irrelevant to Women


Tune in to any radio station and you will find aggrandizing lyrics by female artist that speaks directly to the purpose of a woman. Women all over the world have grown less and less tolerable of men who cannot speak to their purpose. By default, they are tapping into their inner champion in order to rise to new heights in leaving their mark in the world. If men fail to develop new skills for manhood, their relevancy will continue to be threatened on every turn.

Repurposing their Shopping Skills

Women have being oppressed by men so long that they are coming together in masses to repurpose their role in our society. In fact, research reveals that middle-aged women with discretionary income spend more money on personal development than men. They are building a stronger case for empowerment and wealth creation.

Women are repurposing their shopping skills to shop for things that add value to their quest to be more in life. They are willing to invest in the reality that they offer more value than what men are able to offer.

While men are struggling to move beyond their lust for money, women, and sex; women are transforming their emotions into a dynamo for change! Many are refusing to fall victim to men’s appetite for power, and are making decisions to find their power in sources that ignite a greater purpose for being a woman.

It’s a known fact that men and women need each other, but women are not waiting on the sidelines until men discover the importance of opening the gift of purpose. They are supercharging their resolve to become more purposeful in finding:

  1. Self-worth

  2. Validation

  3. Financial Security

  4. Leadership


Purpose-oriented Solutions

History abounds with data that confirms the trend for women empowerment. However, the scope of this blog is not a historical exploration of the rise of women rights, but to offer a modern day solution to inspire men to reclaim their roles as the Cornerstones of Purpose. By doing so, they will accurately speak to the purpose of women, and emerge as front-runners in offering purpose-oriented solutions for dysfunctions that plague our society.

Being meaningful is a process that is beyond the scope of higher education, which has fueled men’s passion to build empires. Men can no longer be preoccupied with building egotistical monuments, because empires are being built at the expense of a society that continues to slip into a purposeless abyss.

The lack of purpose-oriented solutions in the quest for manhood is causing dysfunctions on every turn. Men must shift their focus to master skills on how to build a fortress of purpose for their family, community, and the marketplace.

Women are fed up!

The true measure of a man is hidden in his ability to be more purposeful in leading his family and community.

  1. Men are supposed to be visionaries, but they can no longer afford to have a vision without skills on how to transform their vision into a purpose.

  2. The voice of a man is the guiding force for clarity of purpose, but men must repurpose their speaking skills to use their voice to affect change.

  3. The Bible is the world’s leading authority on the purpose of the human race, and men can no longer claim an affinity with God, without skills on how to use His word to ignite the flames of purpose.

  4. Men are born to build empires, but business skills without skills on how to optimize business ideas for a greater purpose, will only feed the appetite for power.

Again, women need men, and men need women! God designed it to be a purposeful relationship with parameters to help both parties collaborate on the terms of purpose.


  1. Women are fed up with men who act like little boys with big dreams.

  2. Women will not submit to a voice that does not speak to their appetite for purpose.

  3. Women refuse to follow men who claim to be Godly, but cannot transform their passion for God into a purpose to add value to their home.

  4. Women are no longer looking for men to build business empires; they are mastering skills to create their own empires that adds value to our society.


Opening the Gift of Purpose

If men desire to remain relevant in an irrelevant world, they must master skills on how to open the gift of purpose. Men everywhere must realize that purpose is the primary source for achievement, and if they desire to achieve anything significant in life, they must begin with purpose.

Men can no longer settle for seeds of purpose. They must harvest the energy of purpose so they can rewrite the codes for being a man in the twenty-first century.


Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your skills?

To join a New Breed of Men who are skilled in building a fortress of purpose. 

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