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Why Dogs Don’t Have Cell Phones


Cell phones have become a staple in our society, and it’s hard to imagine how we survived without them. Communications giant Ericsson reported that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020, which is almost the number of people on the planet. In a few short years, our ability to communicate anywhere on the planet has increased dramatically, but our willingness to communicate remains years behind the technology curve. In other words, we have more access to people, but mobile technology has simply become an avenue that reveals how much we have lost respect for the purpose of people.

Why are you ignoring me?

There are many factors that explain why we don’t communicate with the person on the other end such as bill collectors, telemarketers, people who waste time, etc. Caller ID, call screening, text blocking, instant response messaging, and voice mail are great tools to help us manage unwanted callers, but they are not a license to disrespect people who genuinely have your best interest at heart.

The irony of the matter is people who ignore calls and when they see you in person act like they have a genuine interest in you. They already know the next time you call; they will go right back to acting like you don’t even exist. It’s true we are busy and sometimes need a break from cell technology, but to flat out not respond at all is simply a disrespect for managing a greater purpose.

People are not animals

The mantra for the twenty-first century is that we are more connected than ever before, but in some cases, it’s just a myth! Animals are intelligent creatures, but there are some creature comforts they cannot use because of their limited intelligence. Mobile technology is designed specifically for the human race because we have the ability to communicate on a plane higher than animals. However, it is an atrocity when technology is used to treat people like sophisticated dogs.

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend because of their love and unwavering devotion. They are incapable of recognizing special days like birthdays, anniversaries, mother and father days, etc. However, some people give their pets more respect than people. I’m not advocating not loving your pet, but when communicating with your pet is more of a priority than communicating with people, something is wrong with the way you manage purpose.

Dogs don’t have cell phones because their intellectual capacity will not allow them to connect with the purpose of the person on the other end. It’s amazing how we live in a world that stresses the importance of purpose, but fails to embrace the sophistication of purpose and how it connects us with people.


Repurpose your call screening

Each person carries the image of the Creator inside their being and has been given the capacity to build and add value to others. We have a Unique Imprint™ that drives the value of purpose in what we do and become in the game of life. Our ability to connect through communications is simply an opportunity to become active participants in a creative process. Animals don’t have this privilege, but it is the hallmark of being created in the class of humans.

Remember that the person who develops themselves aid in the advancement of our society and the person who refuses to develop his or her Unique Imprint™ hinder the progress of the human soul. Communication technology has advanced at the speed of light, but our aptitude to communicate remains stuck in a time-warp. I understand it’s hard to respond to every call or text, but the last thing you want to do is contribute to putting the purpose of humans in the same class as animals. Ignoring people is a sign of a weak purpose and perhaps you could use a little help in repurposing the way you screen calls.

Next time try asking these five simple questions:

  1. Can this person add value to my existence and performance?

  2. Will I be able to add value to his or her existence and performance?

  3. Can this person contribute to feeding my appetite for purpose?

  4. Will I be able to contribute to feeding his or her appetite for purpose?

  5. Will our conversation add or take away from the value of others?

Maintaining continuity in relationships is a divine right and goal. There will be times when you cannot communicate at the moment, but make a note to get back with them as soon as you can. Stop using your busy schedule as an excuse because if you really give it thought, there’s enough time in a day to send a quick text that only takes a few seconds. God created the world in six days and it only takes a few seconds to create a world that values a greater purpose. A lifetime connection is worth your spare time!

Maybe your lack of communications is due to the fact that life has triggered your check engine light. Click on the logo below to find out how you can get help to reset your check engine light.

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