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Before STAR WARS gave us the notion that a cosmic struggle between good and evil could rage in the deep regions of space, the battle between good and evil was raging deep within the human soul. Well before STAR WARS hit the silver screen, DIRT WARS was building its cast for one of the biggest war movies the world has ever seen. Like STAR WARS, this war has appeared on the silver screen time-and-time again. However, unlike the cyber fantasies of Hollywood, the reality of DIRT WARS claims real life casualties on a daily basis.

Let’s Talk!

We are witnessing one of the worse identity crisis the world has seen. Innocent people are being gunned down and bombed in the streets like a video game.

DIRT WAR victims range from:

  1. People who are killed to advance the agenda of terrorist

  2. African Americans males whose genocide is the result of a few misguided police officers and black on black violence

  3. Police officers who have become targets due to racial injustices

  4. And the list goes on…

The word on the street and in the media is, “We must come to the table and have conversation to understand the context of other races”. Contextual conversations is a plausible solution, but racial context without content that lead to a significance beyond the color on one’s skin is like surface slush on an iceberg.

Unfortunately, America’s identity crisis is deeper than lip service. We must look beneath the surface to discover that the gold we are looking for is not hidden in where we came from, but in where we can go as the human race.

First DIRT WAR Casualty

Understanding our ethnic roots is a noble undertaking, but it has never been the panacea for bridging the racial divide. If racial anthropology was the answer, the story of Cain and Abel would have never made it to the pages of the Bible.

This biblical account gave us an up close and personal look at the first recorded murder in the world. Genesis 4:8 states, “And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him”.

It appears that Cain and Abel had dialog because the scripture mentioned that they spoke before Cain committed this horrendous act. We can only imagine that their dialog wasn’t about their origin because they had the same parents. Their problem had to be deeper than the color of their skin, because what made Cain think his dirt was better than his brother?

Stop Slinging Mud

Amidst all the violence and hostility to be heard, we must revisit Genesis 2:7 with a desire to find a solution to end the DIRT WAR. It declares, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”.

The Hebrew word for dust is pronounced aphar. It means dry earth, dust, powder, ashes, earth, ground, mortar and rubbish. In short, all of us are made from dirt, so why do so many people think their dirt is better than others?

DIRT WARS even include presidential candidates who are slinging mud like never before. Our televisions are inundated with commercials that focus less on addressing real issues, to throwing mud that attack the character of opponents. Unfortunately, the race for the highest office in the land is simply the product of a diseased culture that’s caught in a tangled web of racial superiority. The only difference is that as they spill blood in the form of character assignation, human blood is being spilled in the streets of our great country.


Reform beyond skin color

Everyone is screaming “REFORM” like it’s the fresh wind to racial reconciliation. It’s a great step down the arduous road to peaceful co-existence, but the biggest reformation we need doesn’t have anything to do with an institution. Reformation begins with the restitution of purpose within the human soul. This is the secret that causes respect and responsibility to emerge out of chaos, thus bringing an end to DIRT WARS!!!

Reforming an institution without restoring purpose within the human soul is like building a bridge without rebars to reinforce the support columns. It might stand during the construction phase, but during the operational phase where additional weight is added, it will fall.

Purpose is the rebar of the human soul! It takes into consideration that contextual dialog is the beginning of constructing better relations, but purpose is the key to putting words into action.

When purpose is properly managed, it reinforces our mission to love our neighbors as ourselves. We cannot forget that solace between races is impossible without significance within the human soul. When significance education becomes priority, we create an environment where purposeful actions are king, and respect and responsibility for our fellow brothers will be the norm. It’s the only solution for building common grounds beyond skin color.

Reform must take place in every sector of our society. From the government, justice system, education and yes the church. We can no longer repent for the error of our ways without repurposing our heart to mend our ways.

The American Dream

America’s identity crisis is a matter of the heart, which brings the church front and center to provide solutions to our racially divided nation. We can no longer rely on the government to reform our country through laws. Reformation must lead to better teamwork among races, and teamwork must yield to the dream that was eloquently stated in our Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.

We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;

It’s true that teamwork is what make the dream work, but we must realize that without PURPOSEWORK, there will never be a team. PURPOSEWORK is our ability to harvest the energy of purpose and it’s the the most efficient way for for ending the DIRT WAR and making the American Dream possible for all Americans.

Wake up church and smell the purpose!!!

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