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More Than a Bread Winner

Historically, men have been elevated to the position of bread winner in the home. As the job market shifted and family dynamics changed, women began to emerge as the bread winner. They’ve done a terrific job filling in the household income gaps, but some things cannot be duplicated by women.

No substitute

This doesn’t mean that women are less capable than men. However, some things cannot be substituted because of design potential. Case in point. Two females or two males cannot bring life into the world because it violates the design potential of the Creator. Don’t even think I’m throwing shade at same sex marriages, but the truth cannot be denied when it comes to design potential. A woman might be able to step up and be the bread winner for the home, but she can never substitute the fact that men where created to be bread makers.

Perhaps you are wondering what in the world is a bread maker? No, I’m not talking about your local bakery. Neither am I referring to making bread for dinner. The kind of bread I’m speaking about is related to the Ecology of Purpose™ within a family/community. This is where intelligent beings interact in a manner that causes them to engage in conversations that lead to feeding the appetite for purpose. Men are supposed to be leaders in the conversation for purpose but when their voice cannot be heard in the conversation for feeding the appetite for purpose, society suffers:

  1. The value of women is increasingly exploited

  2. Women are abused at home and in the marketplace

  3. Women become less submissive to men

  4. Young men become cold and hard because they are trying to mask their low Purpose IQ™ with attitudes and behaviors that make them feel powerful

  5. Young men avoid resetting the foundation for purpose because of the lack of role models in building the foundation for purpose

  6. Young women struggle to find strength because of the lack of reference for feeding the appetite for purpose

  7. Young women struggle to find men that can feed their appetite for purpose

  8. The racial divide becomes wider

  9. The church becomes less influential within communities and the marketplace

  10. The landscape of the community becomes violent because of men with a low Purpose IQ™

Must Watch:

Raising Your Purpose IQ™

Our world is suffering from a meaning crisis and men are supposed to be the first-responders to reset the foundation for purpose. Nearly every problem in the church, home, and community can be traced back to the low Purpose IQ™ of men. By design, we were created to be the Cornerstone of Purpose™ and when the cornerstone is out of place, the whole structure suffers. Men cannot afford to stand on the sidelines and watch the building fall with the women, boys, and girls still inside.

Raising our Purpose IQ™ must become a priority. You can no longer afford to lead in conversations about sports, politics, business, women, etc., and not lead in the conversation for making bread so others can feed the appetite for purpose. If you truly desire to see change, join your local Agents of Change who are ordinary men, engaging in extraordinary conversations, to deliver unprecedented change.

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