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The ERA of Name, Image, & Likeness

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

For years, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has banned athletes from profiting from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). Yet, the total revenue earned for NCAA sports in 2019 was $1.18 billion. As of July 1, 2021, the recent landmark Supreme Court ruling will change this revenue-earning opportunity as we know it.

For the first time, brand management and athletic performance has expanded from professional athletes earning revenue from their brands, to amateurs building a brand for income potential.

No longer can the NCAA profit from athletes’ names, images, and likeness without due compensation to the athletes. Instead of walking the playing status tight rope, athletes can now monetize their brand to offset living expenses that may not be covered under scholarships.

The Supreme Court Ruling has ushered in an era where profits has expanded beyond the NCAA and corporate interest. Many athletes have started to monetize their brands while coaches and corporate giants try to figure out how to avoid violating the rule while preserving the integrity of amateurism. Athletes are now stakeholders, which has created a demand for a new breed of coaches who know how to coach beyond giving good advice.

Beyond Good Advice

For years, coaches advised athletes on attitudes and behaviors that could potentially undermine athletic performance. Now coaches must embrace the reality that the utility of the body is no longer confined to athletics.

With the NIL Ruling, athletes must master skills to use the utility of the body for brand management to help them improve their athletic performance. Unfortunately, coaches are limited to giving advice about athletic performance and have virtually no knowledge on how the utility of the body can aid in brand management.

Most coaches salivate over stats such as speed, strength, points, assists, throwing, etc. They focus on and use stats to aid in the recruitment process yet fail to realize that statistics are simply Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are driven by Key Existence Indicators (KEI’s).

Coaches provide advice on the KPI’s yet struggle to use KEI’s for brand management so athletes can improve their overall athletic performance.

The Future of Coaching

Now more than ever, coaches and athletes must realize that the degree of success in the future is dependent on the degree of purpose for the moment. The passing of the NIL Ruling is rewriting the imminent perspective of coaching. It is helping all stakeholders shift their focus to brand management, which increases the degree of purpose that athletes bring to each moment. When the degree of purpose is the focus, all stakeholders win in the following areas:

  1. Athletes make better decisions to preserve their name, image, and likeness

  2. Coaches help athletes optimize their name, image, and likeness for winning between and outside the lines

  3. Corporations help athletes optimize their name, image, and likeness to represent their brands

The future of coaching must include resources for helping athletes become PDI Smart™, which is the ability to minimize the risk for becoming a product of the current environment. When athletes are a product of their environment, everyone loses due to the number one threat in sports called Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD). PDD is currently not a subject of conversation in coaching circles; however, the influence of PDD is what causes major damage to athletes' brand and ultimately their performance.

The Purpose Development Institute (PDI) is a leader in helping coaches and athletes remove the #1 threat in sports. We address the growing threat of PDD by helping coaches master skills to achieve excellence in coaching athletes.

PDI is the #1 leader in training coaches to become Certified PDD Coaches (CPDDC). This training is the key to helping coaches remain relevant in the era of brand management and athletic performance. For the first time, coaches are able to master a blended solution for helping athletes optimize their name, image, and likeness to improve their athletic performance and capitalize on their brand.

The Missing Link

We spent almost 30 years and well over 20,000 hours researching how Purpose Development™ is the missing link between brand management and performance. If you continue to let the athletes you coach make errors in purpose, the risk will be high for them to damage their brand and experience poor performance between and outside the line.

Remember, it is not wise to coach a new breed of athletes with an old breed coaching mentality.

You can remain game smart without PDI Smarts™, or earn your Certified PDD Coaching certificate so your PDI Smarts™ can provide the wisdom needed for leveraging the utility of the body to win between and outside the lines.

Join a new breed of coaches who are rewriting the codes for coaching athletes by building the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Brand™ to bring innovative solutions to the era of name, image, and likeness. Contact your representative or Click Here to visit our calendar and setup a Discovery Call about joining our coaching community.

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