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Purpose is Bigger Than Passion

Updated: May 29, 2020


Purpose Art™ is a term I coined after noticing my knack for seeing images that inspire me to pursue a higher purpose. We are surrounded by images that lead to success but we must be conditioned to see through the lens of purpose. Unfortunately, many people yield to the the tendency to become a product of their environment, which greatly increases negative influences when they have a low Purpose IQ™.

While flying from Vegas after a fruitful business trip, I looked out the window and behold, a Purpose Art™ moment was staring me in the face. The plane’s wing reminded me that purpose is a part of something that’s bigger than our passion. I immediately grabbed my camera and took the above photo.

Perhaps you are wondering why this is important? There’s nothing wrong with linking passion and purpose, but it’s almost like saying, “If you start digging, you will find gold”. Well! To increase your chances of finding gold, it would help if you were digging in a place that has the potential for gold to be found. The same is true with passion, it contains the influence of purpose, but knowing that it’s a part of something bigger will increase your chances of hitting the mother lode instead of finding gold nuggets.

At some point, you must answer the following question? Are you looking for gold nuggets, or do you want to hit the principal vein that leads to a never-ending source of purpose? The principal vein of purpose will give you more control over who you are and what you do in life, but if you are looking to remain average, then maybe passion is all you need. However, if you are looking to make a quantum leap in creating conditions for success, you must be willing to explore what you don’t know about purpose.

From the outside, one might say that the wings are what make the plane fly. They are a part of a system that gives the plane attitude to fly, but the pilot must know how all the systems work to get the plane to go down the runway. That’s why he conducts a pre-flight check. He needs to know that all the systems are operating properly before he taxi down the runway. The same is true when playing the game of life. Passion gives you the right attitude to soar to new heights, but you must know how all the systems work to get your dreams and visions off the ground!

Purpose Development™ is radically different than traditional life-coaching. It’s an advance coaching system to help you master wisdom and insight to fly at new heights. You can dismiss this truth and ignore the systems to help you achieve at new levels, or you can lay aside your pride and discover what you don’t know about purpose. Perhaps you desire to become a Certified Purpose Development™ Coach or maybe you are just looking to hire a coach to optimize your conditions for success. Whatever you decide, my almost thirty years and 20,000 plus hours of Purpose Development™ wisdom can help you get there!

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