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Testing Is Critical

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Who would have imagined that wearing a mask and constant medical testing testing would be critical actions to ensure the success of our economy? 2020 has been an unprecedented year. To make matters worse, the social injustices plaguing our society have reached an overall tipping point.

Many organizations are taking this as an opportunity to re-examine their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) mission. Unfortunately, they are overlooking the principal fact that, like COVID-19, testing is critical.

The Unseen Enemy

The success of D&I training is dependent on the Diversity Purpose IQ™ of employees. Like COVID-19, Diversity and Inclusion have an unseen enemy called Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD), which is the number one threat for undermining the growth potential of employees.

When employees fail to say yes to their highest growth potential, the risk will be high for D&I training to be mistaken as merely an exercise in policy compliance is potentially increased. Unfortunately, this will cause the buy in to the overall D&I mission to be low, and employees will fail to pour their hearts into changing the culture.

Since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of the 60s, D&I training has failed to address the growing threat of PDD within organizational cultures. Employees have endured over 50 years of classroom instructions, but PDD remains an unseen enemy that undermines employee commitment to cultivate and maintain D&I work.


Saying Yes to Growth Potential

In today's socially conscious climate, D&I must be used work must be used as the catalyst to ensure employees say yes to their highest growth potential. Leaders must be savvy in understanding how PDD causes unconscious biases to be liabilities, which undermine the overall success of the D&I mission. (See Unconscious Bias Flowchart™)

D&I work begins and ends within the soul of every employee. When there is a deficit of purpose within the soul, outside influences will hinder growth potential and unconscious biases will remain a threat to organizational culture.


Testing Is Critical

PDD is the number one threat in D&I training. Testing an employee's Diversity Purpose IQ™ become critical at this juncture. Our Diversity Purpose IQ™ is the only assessment of its kind to capture the analytics for using the integrity of meaning-making to transform D&I policies into a purpose for change.

The Diversity Purpose IQ™ measures two important behaviors that reflect an employees commitment to D&I work by pouring their heart into:

  1. Becoming a better version of themselves

  2. Building a better culture

We understand that when employees have a clear path to pour their hearts into creating a better version of themselves, that momentum will overflow into building better cultures. Without both, the risk remains high for D&I training to be an exercise in policy compliance, instead of a purpose that moves the heart to action.

The Diversity Purpose IQ™ takes into consideration that what happens between the classroom and the culture is a matter of purpose. It is the bridge between classroom learning and creating a culture where employees are active participants for change.


Wake Up Your Workforce

The last thing we desire is for your workforce to remain asleep to changing the culture after your organization has invested resources for training. Watch this video to see why helping your workforce to wake up and smell the purpose is absolutely necessary:

Click Here to schedule a Discovery Call and see how our Diversity Purpose™ training is adding value to organizations.

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