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The Super Identity™

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

2020 has ushered in an era of unprecedented change with the COVID-19 global pandemic. To make matters worse, the death of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd has brought racial tension to a tipping point.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, CNN’s Don Lemon indicated that America is facing two crises with COVID-19 and RACISM. A true statement indeed, but he failed to mention that RACISM is connected to the infection in the soul called Purpose Deficit Disorder™ (PDD). In Purpose Development Coaching™, PDD is the number one threat against our ability to scale growth potential.

America is home to some of the most notable thought-leaders in the world. Our country is also home to some of the biggest churches in the world, but PDD is a hidden enemy that works behind the scenes to undermine the best version of what we can be.

It does not matter how many times we protest or pass legislature to remove social injustices; if we fail to address the growing threat of PDD, RACISM will always be an enemy that is responsible for identity wars in America. Instead of exploring the sophistication of the soul to create a culture that brings out the best in human collaboration, we will settle for conditions that bring out the worse attitudes and behaviors.


In the bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell brilliantly describes the tipping point as the biography of an idea that occurs in three phases:

  1. Contagiousness

  2. Little changes that lead to big effects

  3. The dramatic moment

America is facing a dramatic moment and if we fail to address the growing threat of PDD in race relations, attitudes and behaviors will tip in a direction that is not good for future generations.

People from all races are tired of seeing social injustices that widens the gap between people of color and whites.

President Lyndon B. Johnson formed the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders on July 28, 1967 to find answers to address the racial tension during his presidency. The report revealed that America was moving toward two societies, one black, one white - separate and unequal.

Over fifty years and the two societies of blacks and whites have come to a point where all citizens must consider the path for building value beyond skin color. We must explore the genius of purpose to create a narrative that ends identity wars by causing attitudes and behaviors to tip in a direction that improves race relations for everyone.


The Super Identity

America is facing another crossroad to show the world the power of diversity, but we must find the path that leads to an identity that will help us:

  1. Develop attitudes and behaviors that are contagious for building value beyond skin color

  2. Create little changes that lead to big results in diversity

  3. Transform social injustice drama into strategic plans for drawing from the deep wells of purpose

Deep within the soul of every person are assets for developing intuition to serve a higher purpose. This is where Purpose Development Coaching™ separates from traditional life coaching to help individuals discover their Super Identity™ to:

  • Find purpose beyond what they do for a living

  • Build value beyond skin color

  • Break the chains of average in growth potential

  • Master critical thinking skills to affect change in new ways.

In short, we have the ability to shape race relations in a manner where all races are valued equally, but we must understand how the Super Identity™ can aid in Building the The Super Race™.

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