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Future of Coaching

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change and if there’s ever a time the world needs coaching to optimize attitudes and behaviors for the highest growth potential, the time is now. However, the demand for coaching in the new decade is more sophisticated than traditional life and business coaching. People need more than a guide to achieve at high levels, they need insight on how to draw from the deep wells of purpose to show up to live their best life and do their best work.

The Purpose Business

Dr. Vikki Brock, master coach and author of Sourcebook for Coaching History stated,

“The future of work requires for people to know who they are and coaching can help us get there. Presence is how we show up in the world.”

Not only will the future of work require a deeper knowledge of self, but the future of coaching demands that coaches master skills on how to help clients exercise more control over their degree of purpose to show up in the world.

Before you invest to become a coach, understand that receiving a Certified Purpose Development Coach designation is unlike any coach designation in the world. Purpose Development Coaches understand that they are in the people business, which opens the door for mastering skills for the Purpose Business™.

Unlike traditional coaching where purpose is more connected to what people do with their gifts and talents, the Purpose Business™ is the science of helping people harvest the Energy of Purpose™ beyond what they do for a living.

Unfortunately, the Purpose Business™ is not the subject of conversation in traditional coaching circles, but it's the key to preparing coaches for the future of coaching. When the Energy of Purpose™ is harvested within the soul, individuals are able to make high level decisions to show up in life and business with assets to break the chains of average.


Become a Licensed Partner

Purpose Development Coaching™ takes into consideration that Purpose Deficit Disorders™ (PDD) constantly work against traditional coaching strategies. We train coaches to embrace the reality that money is not the only thing that clients can invest to secure their future.

Upon receiving your Certified Purpose Development Coach designation, you will become a license partner in our proprietary Extreme Purpose Makeover™ coaching system. Extreme Purpose Makeover™ coaching is an advance coaching skill that positions you to secure more clients by helping them:

  • Invest in a better future

  • Give new meaning to living their best life

  • Overcome the growing threat of PDD

  • Reach their highest growth potential to show up in the world

  • Make high level decisions

  • Build an Infrastructure of Purpose™ to drive peak performance

  • Correct errors in purpose

  • Service the engine that drives potential

  • Optimize life and business to achieve more goals

  • Build a high-performing brand

  • Close the door on habits that chain them to the past

  • And so much more...

We understand that the key to success has changed and investing to become a coach should yield high returns for building a coaching practice. Click here to schedule a Discovery Call on how to invest in the most important coaching skill for the future.

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