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I Can't Breathe

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd took his last breath after pleading for his life with Minneapolis police officers. Mr. Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” cry was also echoed by Eric Garner on July 17, 2014 as he was murdered by a police officer. Almost six years and the power brokers in America still cannot see that African Americans have been crying “I can’t breathe” since slave masters put chains around ancestors like animals.

We understand that good cops are a majority and that not all white people harbor biases that are anti-African American. In fact, it is quite refreshing to see a diverse of group of people protesting in the streets. It shows that America and the world is fed up with social injustices robbing people of color from equal treatment. However, to make sure all races contribute beyond protesting, the statement “I Can’t Breathe” must be examined through the lens of purpose.

Mastering New Skills

RACISM is simply a breakdown in the strength that comes from purpose. We are a content rich country, but poor in helping citizens leverage the strength that comes from purpose to bridge the racial divide. That's why we keep revisiting racial tension as in years past.

A few years back, I coined the term Purpose Skills™ to address the breakdown in the strength that comes from purpose. Purpose Skills™ also captures the difference between Purpose Development Coaching™ and life coaching. RACISM is deeply rooted in America and Purpose Skills are needed because of the systems and strategies that connect human existence and performance to the strength that comes from purpose.

When Purpose Skills are used in race relations, it helps individuals master skills to uproot the influence of RACISM within the soul.

Beyond our skin color is the strength to bridge the racial divide, and the time has come to end the era that fails to explore the genius of purpose in race relations. When the Appetite for Purpose™ is not occupying the seat of the soul, we leave room for the appetite for power to produce negative biases that rule the narrative for race relations. The four police officers not only denied George Floyd his right to breathe, they denied him the strength that comes from purpose, which is a bigger problem in America.

In the world of Purpose Development Coaching™, Purpose Skills™ are derived from what is called the Source Root Analysis™. This is a detailed analysis of the Hebrew letters to uncover hidden secrets that lead to the strength that comes from purpose. If we desire to end social injustices, all races must raise the hood of the human soul and do the dirty work for developing skills to reshape attitudes and behaviors.

The Hebrew word for 'breathe' is pronounced naphach (naw-fakh’). It means to breathe or cause to breathe out. Naphach is spelled with the three Hebrew letters (Nun-Pei-Chet). Hebrew letter wisdom connects the letter Nun to the soul, Pei equals mouth, and Chet means life.

In short, to breathe can be translated as the soul that breathes life. Unfortunately, the four police officers did not see George Floyd as a soul that could breathe life. Instead, they treated him like an animal that could lose life without consequences.

Time For Change

For years, our country has squandered opportunities to show the world the power of diversity and we cannot fail to seize the opportunity presented to us. We must realize the inadequacies of our efforts for personal and spiritual growth and create new models to help us draw from the deep wells of purpose.

America not only needs justice reform, but we need a Significance Education to help all races step up to the plate and reform the human soul for a greater purpose. Without reforming the soul, the power brokers will be stubborn to reform systems that supports systemic racism. The lives lost to social injustices will only help them empathize with marginalized citizens, but not move them to take action to draw from the deep wells of purpose.

What Can You Do?

Many people in the world are asking, What can I do? For years, we've tried intercultural competence only to get diversity policies that enforce what the heart and character is not conditioned to do. We can no longer look to the same approach we've used for the past fifty plus years.

Every person must wake up and smell the purpose behind the cry, "I can't breathe" by engaging in deep soul searching to find the deep wells of purpose. It's time to stop provoking the police and provoke each other to raise our Purpose IQ in race relations.

Purpose Development is the future of race relations because it leverages the soul's assets for bridging the racial divide. Purpose Development Coaching is the key to helping individuals master skills to set purpose free within the soul so they can displace unproductive biases and breathe new life into attitudes and behaviors.

Another black man should never have to utter the words "I Can't Breathe" at the hands of a white man. We must shape race relations through Purpose Development™ so all races can bear the burden of freedom through purpose. Click here to learn how you can step up for change beyond protesting.

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